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Neighbourhood Invasive Plant Program (NIPP)

Did you know that all land occupiers in the Province of British Columbia have a legal responsibility to control provincially and regionally listed Noxious Weeds? The BC Weed Control Act and Regulations legislate this! 

To learn more about this important legislation and the corresponding regulations, click on the links below:

The BC Weed Control Act

The BC Weed Control Regulations

We know that invasive plants do not respect property boundaries and that many private landowners; leasee’s and managers struggle to deal with these species each year. Fortunately, there is help!

The Regional District of East Kootenay and the East Kootenay Invasive Species Council are partners in delivering the Neighbourhood Invasive Plant Program (NIPP) to the region. This program has also received/receives financial support from the Columbia Basin Trust and the RDEK’s Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund.

NIPP was first introduced in 2010 and has been successful in helping private land occupiers comply with the BC Weed Control Act. Administered primarily by RDEK staff, the NIPP-2program provides guidance, technical support, resources and even financial assistance to those who qualify. In fact, each year – tens of thousands of dollars are issued through land occupier rebates. These rebates are paid out those who are doing the right thing – controlling invasive plants on private land!

The Neighbourhood Invasive Plant Program has five different program options:

  • Support, technical advice, resources only – For those who simply want to learn and get started;
  • Free backpack sprayer loan-out – For Land Occupiers who want to conduct minor herbicide treatments themselves;
  • Cost Share Rebate – For Land Occupiers who want to contract out treatments to professionals;
  • Herbicide Rebate - For Land Occupiers who want to conduct large-scale treatments themselves;
  • New Invaders Rebate – For Land Occupiers who have Invasive Plants new to the region on their land and are seeking assistance in controlling them.

Not sure which program option is right for you? Not to worry – simply fill out the Request for Assistance Form below and send to the contact listed on the form. A program representative will get back to you to schedule a site visit on your property and determine which option is best for your situation.

While EKISC is a partner to this program, it is recommended that all inquiries and applications go to:

Neighbourhood Invasive Plant Program

C/O The Regional District of East Kootenay
19-24th Avenue South,
Cranbrook, BC
V1C 3H8
Phone: 250-489-2791
Fax: 250-489-1287
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Neighbourhood Invasive Plant Program - Application Form (.docx)

Request for Assistance Program Form

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